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You're causing all the retired school teachers from the '60s and '70s to
roll over in their graves.  Old Volvos were only driven by that ilk!


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> Guys,
> Having had a semi volvo fetish before happening upon the vastly superior Audi
> I feel the desire to add my $.02  Volvo's from the mid 80's are great HS cars,
> my cousin had an 83(?) 242 Turbo and it was safe, easy to work on, fun to
> tweak on, but not terribly fast.  All i can say is that most any highschooler
> with a moderate interest in cars would have really liked this ride, insurance
> was very cheap as well (>3.0 GPA does help)  And the sheer humor value of a
> volvo with 18' rims and a racy exhaust is sure to make the world a better
> place.
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> Adam Chinchiolo
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