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Tue Apr 30 22:58:19 EDT 2002

At 07:25 PM 4/30/2002 -0400, TM wrote:
>Volvo automatic?!?

actually, they're pretty bullet-proof.  with the right torque
converter...nah...she'd never go for it

>I'll go w/ you on a 240DL, but make it a 5-speed.

problem is, the 5-speeds came in wimpy aluminum trannie cases.  the
4-speeds were stronger, though the overdrives were weak points.  a RoW-only
5-speed was much better...too bad we didn't see it state-side

>I suggested the VW Golf because even in base form, it's still
>pretty fun to drive. I wouldn't own any cars that I loathed to
>drive, even if it were intended for my (nonexistent) kids.

there's this magic called opposite lock (a touch of it) that is so damned
elusive in a front-driver or quattro.  oh well.

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