how much coolant?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Aug 1 00:12:33 EDT 2002

Anyone remember off the top of their head roughly how much coolant
our cars need?  SOMEBODY has my engine volume :-)

   I'm going to try the new version of Evans Coolant that is thinner
than the old stuff that was really too thick for most cars...but I've
decided to switch after the t-belt service...Pentosin is going in for
now, after I do a coolant flush, since the system has been somewhat

PS:the car loves not having intake leaks(duh)...took it for a good 20
mile drive this evening when temps came down.  Alas, I couldn't
perform the SCD(Simoes Camaro Diagnostic), no Camaros could be
found...but I'm pretty happy with the results; peformance at 75-85
degrees feels like what it used to be around 50 degrees.  I can't
wait until 50 degree weather :-)
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