Instrument Cluster dead no gauge works

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Thu Aug 1 01:16:00 EDT 2002

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Hey I see this today:
Battery nearly dead so we jump pack the car to start it.
Turn the key in the ignition and car starts but no OK sysmbol in the cluster
and all the gauge (tach too) don't work.
Reving motor to produce more current form Alt does nothing.....
Any ideas?  Can't drive "blind"

Nearly unrelated item Fusable link to fan was also broken, then replaced.
Gauges still don't work but the fan comes on when the climate control is used
(so it works.....) Channel 10 (or so on climate says 12.0 volts but that was
with jump pac attached while idling.........Saved boil over.
-Scott in BOSTON Thanks in Advance or TIA

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> Subject: Re: [s-cars] RE: Instrument Cluster Problems
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> Taka,
> I can attest that the gauges will work, but the boards are not
> interchangeable.

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