Anyone ever disassembled a 016 tranny? was 016 center diff failure

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Thu Aug 1 16:41:38 EDT 2002

Subject line says it all, I'd like to know the procedure for disassembling
a 016 tranny and what special tools this involves... the project is to
remove the pinion shaft out of my 200q 20v tranny along with the Tor$en
center diff, do the same for a spare 4kq tranny and refit the 4kq's pinion
shaft and locker center diff to the 200 20v's tranny.... I don't have
access to a Bentley and I don't even know if this is covered thoroughly
(should be though) in the Bentley...could someone provide me with some
useful information for doing this center diff swap? Some scans would be
very helpful as well I think...

As always, thanks a lot in advance for your help/ideas,


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