Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at
Sat Aug 3 11:52:37 EDT 2002

>I was thinking of getting  free flowing cats in the future,but what my
>tion is what exactly is the performance difference if I just gut out my
>ginal cats,because I dont have to have my emmissions  checked for a few

I recently "modified" the cat on my early (K-26) '89 200 TQW.  It decreased
the number of RPMs to get to the same boost level by about 300-400 rpm,
which is pretty significant.  Of course the '89 only has one cat, so the
backpressure is definitely more than the '91.  For instance, before I did
the mod. I had almost 8 lbs of backpressure at 1.9 BAR of boost, while at
1.8 BAR in my '91 I measured only about 1-2 psi.  Anyway, that's my two
cents worth.

--Calvin Craig

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