Bose Recall and surprisingly malfunctioning bose amp

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun Aug 4 12:46:31 EDT 2002

Well, just got the recall work done on my car last week.  Pretty seamless.
Went to University VW/Audi in Seattle; even got a complimentary car wash!

I remember Brett talking about doing some reconditioning work on the amps
for the front speakers, and while I saved the link, I have a question before
diving in.

When people have experienced problems with these amps, do they not function
altogether or, just not function as well?  For my car I've noticed that the
front drivers side speaker does not work on start up, but usually after
being on for about 15 minutes will start to function.  Previously, the
speaker would just be intermitent, fixable by a good whack with the knee to
the center console.  No longer.

Any btdt?

Taka, should be good ammunition in your continued war against the Bose

Derek P

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