Rear Shocks

George Sidman sidman at
Mon Aug 5 10:29:14 EDT 2002

This weekend I replaced the rear shocks in my '91 200 TQW. At 234,000
miles I figured it was about time, and not being one to rush into
these things, I felt the group buy of the Bilsteins was timely. (The
front shocks were replaced two years ago when the front end was
rebuilt - deer encounter.)

Some observations. The job absolutely requires spring compressors, but
is one of the easiest chores I have encountered on the car - about one
hour each side - including cleaning everything thoroughly, and
lubricating the rubber.

Yeah; the car's derriere is up in the air another 3/4 inch, but that
was the way it was when I bought the car new. I presume it will settle
down in time. The car is much more connected to the road. The back end
feels like it is about two feet wider, and handling and cornering is
much improved. Many thanks for those responsible for the GB.......
George Sidman, President
Monterey Network Center
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