Dist Gear life and failure conditions Q.

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Thanks for the correction. I'm glad that we have such great technical
knowledge on the list or our cars would certainly be much more difficult and
expensive to maintain. I just wish the nice metal gear had been available
when my gear broke. I may have to go the jewelry route. Let's see, key fob?
No that'll put too much hanging weight on the ignition switch. Maybe a
choker necklace. Yeah, that's the ticket!
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

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> Wolff,
> The plastic gear was injection molded onto the knurled surface of the hub.
> The hub insert being a piece that was inserted into the mold before
> and injection.  The mold was a very poor design, improperly gated,
> accounting for the gross tooth to tooth  and clearance errors of the
> finished gear.  Further, the plastic material used most probabily was
> selected primarily on cost, rather than as the best possible material for
> the application, including longevity in the application enviroment.
> So, Bosch and Audi eventually realized the short sighted error and,
> of correcting the poor plastic design, ran back to the old standby, a
> machined steel gear.  The latter being the better choice for a relatively
> low volume part.
> Bernie
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> >
> > Looking at the failed gear from my 200 it looks more like the plastic
> > and split on the axle due to internal stress from being pressed on. The
> > rattle certainly won't help, but it wasn't a factor in this case since
> > was no rattle in my car prior to the failure.
> > HTH,
> > Wolff
> > "Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

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