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Keep in mind one important matter in the colder parts of the country where
below freezing temperatures are encountered you may find the seperator tank
full of frozen moisture from the combustion process. This can result in
blown oil seals and lots of oil mess to clean up, BTDT. The tank should be
located such that it has adequate heat to prevent this happening. In the
area to the passenger side of the engine behind the EM should be ideal.
Any thoughts?
Tom Black.
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> At 7:56 PM +0100 8/1/02, Johnny Alpha wrote:
> >Brett,
> >
> >Is this the same thing as a compressed air oil seperator at half (or
> >of your expected price, or am I missing something?
> Hmm...I was under the impression such widgets were designed for high
> pressure, where restriction isn't as much of a problem...but if the
> company that makes it will vouch for automotive operation(where
> restriction would be a very bad thing; crankcase pressures need to be
> kept as low as possible for us 3B folk with distributors), sure, I'll
> entertain the idea.
> There are airplane air/oil separators, but they generally cost $200-300
> As for those who asked about hardware etc, the intention it to get
> them to make a batch for us with hose barbs so that all you need to
> buy is a short length of hose, 4 hose clamps, etc...you get the idea.
> This is just a purchase of the separator; I assume you're all big
> boys+girls and can handle a trip to the auto parts store :-)
> I'm mulling over mounting; I'm still waiting for an answer back from
> Stef's.  For the 200's, it would be nice to mount something to that
> washer fluid bottle holder without drilling etc.  Haven't had a
> chance to look a pic of an S-car compartment yet.
> BTW...for those debating going the "easy" route of a catch can
> w/filter vented to the atmosphere, you will probably not pass
> emissions with such a setup...there's a good chance the tech might
> point to the tank and say "sorry..."  Say what you will about winks,
> nods, and bills slipped...but its a headache I personally would
> rather not deal with, and I don't feel great about making mods to my
> car that increase its emissions...
> Brett
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