[s-cars] RE: air/oil separator group purchase

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Aug 6 13:16:07 EDT 2002

How does this placement (or any other, for that matter) help with a car
that would sit out overnight in sub-zero temps (F)?

At 10:47 AM 08/02/2002 -0400, tblack wrote:

>Keep in mind one important matter in the colder parts of the country where
>below freezing temperatures are encountered you may find the seperator tank
>full of frozen moisture from the combustion process. This can result in
>blown oil seals and lots of oil mess to clean up, BTDT. The tank should be
>located such that it has adequate heat to prevent this happening. In the
>area to the passenger side of the engine behind the EM should be ideal.
>Any thoughts?

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