NE Aftermarket event this friday/weekend

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Aug 6 14:23:04 EDT 2002

Just a heads up for those of you in the northeast- the NE Audi Owners
Club(no QCUSA/ACCNA/NEQ affiliation) is having their annual
aftermarket event at Ira Audi in Danvers, MA.  Over 300 cars are

I know one of the organizers, and I asked him if we could get some
spaces for the old-school crowd, similar to what we did year #2(if I
have that right.  We had a great turnout- V8q 5speeds, S6's, a bunch
of coupes and cabriolets, an urq or two, etc)- he said yes, and asked
the following things be passed along:

a)sign up ASAP(see below)  Make sure you list model year etc.  Drop
me an email too, if you could.

b)get there AT OR BEFORE 9AM.  Parking is largely first-come first
serve; we'll earn serious bonus points with the organizers if
Audifans folks show up on time/early for group parking(please note:
they're trying to work us in at the last minute, which is my fault
for not talking to them sooner about it.  Group parking isn't
guaranteed- please be nice if it doesn't work out.)

Full event details and signup are at

Also note there is a drag strip event Friday night up in NH, and a
group drive to Hampton Beach.  I'll be at the drag strip event;
-might- go to the beach drive, not sure.

Reminder: no QCUSA, ACCNA or NEQ affiliation; nothing against
them...Since I am social events person for the NEQ, I didn't want to
have anyone think "hey, Brett's told us all about this, it must be a
quattro club thing!" :)

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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