[s-cars] A big THANK YOU to Bob Pastore

Robert Pastore rpastore at animalfeeds.com
Tue Aug 6 21:38:43 EDT 2002


We probably reversed the two bulbs with the condoms on them when swapping
the boards.  Also, re main boards: I think we determined that a c4 S4 main
board was different than the type 44 100 or 200.  The 100 and 200 had
different part numbers but were visually the same and proved to be


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Thanks to the generosity of Bob Pastore, my car's instrument cluster
has been fixed! :-)

Happy, happy!

One thing we've learned in doing some serious surgery to my cluster-
Type 44 100 ICs use a compatible main circuit board to my 200q20v.

I know this was told to me in the case of using a C4 100 board in an
UrS4, but not w/ regard to type 44s. Now I know that the type 44 boards

Funny thing is, my original cluster had problems anyway- full tank of
1400+ miles to empty?!? Nearly empty tank of gas, still 600+ miles to

Now, the mileage indications are correct, as well as temperature and

One thing I messed up- the clock and trip computer illumination is
reversed- it's dark when the lights are on, bright when the lights are
I don't mind it being bright w/ the lights off, but I can't read the
with the lights on. Any ideas on what bulbs/connections need to be


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