The non-essentials...AC and A8 wheels.

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Wed Aug 7 02:34:32 EDT 2002


   Now that the vitals of the car have been covered (full boost, metal dist.
gear, working CD changer...)  I am feeling the need for the creature
comforts, namely...air conditioning.  I've been strong so far, telling myself
I don't need it and that it just wastes gas...but the San Jouquin Valley
summer seems to have won the race.  I can't stand stop-go traffic in 100+
degree weather any longer.  Here's the problem,  when I set the thermostat to
cool, the fan kicks on but the air through the vents is no cooler than the
outside air.  The radiator fan goes on like it should, only thing missing is
the coolness in the air.  Talked with Livermore Audi and they wanted $110
just to look at it.  Any thoughts?  Also..where is a good source for 17" A8
wheels?  and what is a reasonable price?  Sorry for the lengthy post.

Adam Chinchiolo
'91 200q20vt sedan...Hot Hot Hot!

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