The non-essentials...AC and A8 wheels.

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Wed Aug 7 12:09:28 EDT 2002

I have assumed that if a "bad" multifunction switch (MFTS) is the
_only_ reason for inoperative AC, then the AC should be able to
operate if the MFTS is disconnected. Is that correct?


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>First thing you need to do is check and see if your compressor is engaging
>when you turn the AC on.  If you open your window and switch it on, you
>should hear an audible click from the compressor clutch.  Then visually check
>it to see if it's turning.  There are a bunch of things that could keep it
>from running/engaging, a few of which are:
>-Low refrigerant level/pressure
>-Bad multi function switch
>-Bad AC relay,
>-Bad evaporater temp sensor
>-Bad high or low pressure switch

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