neat stuff at the local dealer

DAK dak at
Thu Aug 8 09:54:46 EDT 2002

While waiting for the LM recall to be performed (or not) on my car, I
had some time to look at the new stuff Audi has.

The most interesting thing was that Audi of America is apparently goiing
to bring the zippy european models to the US including the RS4! The
sales guy says they will import 900 of them. Since they are well out of
my reach, I didn't ask when.

Anyone seen the factory aero kit for the new A4? There was one there and
it looked decent. The chrome below the bumper is gone and there is an
air dam with big ventalated openings, side skirts and a $3500 charge on
the invoice! Didn't get much of a look at the rear.

So, the S6 comes with tiptronic, no manual available! Is this a slap in
the face to the purists? I thought the S meant Sport and I thought a
manual transmission would always be available in a "sport" model. Either
I'm behind the times, or they're just catering to "lazy" new audi buyers....

They had a low miles '97 A8 for $24K and change. I've seen some A8s in
the 20s at other places, but this is the dealer which typicaly marks the
used cars up a bit. For a car that was in the 60K range, isn't this
depreciation pretty steep?

I had to sit in a TT to see how my 6'2" frame would fit. That is a car
with LOTS of headroom! I could even raise the seat a couple of inches!

OK, back to my 12 year old car.... Yes, I like it.... mmm nice new
audis..... shutup, not now! :-)


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