Trip to The Audi Connection (Suffolk VA)

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Thu Aug 8 11:17:14 EDT 2002

They have a good reputation.

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>Whoa! How on earth have I missed this place? I live in the next town over
>(Chesapeake, VA) and have never heard of The Audi Connection. I found
>their web page: Looks like a great place.
>How is their reputation?
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>Stopped by to see Keith (daswolfen at and Bruce on the way home
>from vacation. Great shop (call for directions), lotsa nice cars, tons
>of parts. The 200q20V they have advertised is a nice ride, extremely
>tight in spite of the high mileage and a book of documentation/receipts
>beyond belief. Nice pearl 93 V8 on consignment - wow does that car ever
>move! Scored a couple of needed parts (headlight wiper arm and a
>driver's side visor). Wife was kicking me or I woulda stayed there all

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