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At 8:42 AM -0400 8/8/02, DAK wrote:
>It seems that I also have the soldered in boards, so nothing was done.
>Supposedly, there was an addendum to the procedure where they should
>check to see if the boards are soldered in. My tech didn't know about
>that and I had to wait while he was on the phone with Audi to figure out
>what he should do. AofA assured me that the soldered in boards don't
>suffer from the same problem as the plugin ones. Has anyone confirmed
>that these boards are different and/or don't contain poorly spec'ed

Today I brought my car (one of them) into the same dealer as David. I
heard from the service manager about their encounter with David's
soldered amp boards and so was prepared for that possibility. As it
turned out, my glass was "half-full". In this car I had previously
replaced one defective rear speaker with a used one bought from a
lister. That the "replacement" speaker turned out to be the
soldered-in variety, and hence they could only replace the amp on the
other (original) speaker, which was plug-in variety.

According to the recall sheet shown to me at the dealer, Audi states
that if it is determined that a speaker is either (a) a non-Bose
brand raplacement or (b) a Bose speaker with a soldered-in amp board,
then NO FURTHER WORK IS REQUIRED. (no further details given)

Naturally, that statement is open to various interpretations as David
mentions. In the dealer's opinion, this means that the fire-hazard
does not exist for the soldered-in amp boards, thus "no further work
is REQUIRED." I am skeptical of this interpretation, as it might
merely mean that Audi is unwilling or unable to supply the necessary
fix for this situation. Hence, in actuality, it's a matter of: no
further work CAN BE DONE. Since I still have the old (defective) unit
that I brought along with me, I asked if they could let me have the
"extra" replacement amp (the one that wasn't used, as they come in
pairs). They were agreeable to let me have the unused amp--in case I
decide to install it on the old speaker and eliminate any question
about the safety of the old, soldered-in amp.

Audi certainly needs to issue a clarification about this.

Tomorrow I bring in the other car. I wonder if the soldered-in amps
show up mainly  towards one end or the other of the (Audi) production
run for the '91 200q. I have one of each (008180 and 026750)



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