Trip to The Audi Connection (Suffolk VA)

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Whoa! How on earth have I missed this place? I live in the next town over (Chesapeake, VA) and have never heard of The Audi Connection. I found their web page: Looks like a great place. How is their reputation?


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Stopped by to see Keith (daswolfen at and Bruce on the way home
from vacation. Great shop (call for directions), lotsa nice cars, tons
of parts. The 200q20V they have advertised is a nice ride, extremely
tight in spite of the high mileage and a book of documentation/receipts
beyond belief. Nice pearl 93 V8 on consignment - wow does that car ever
move! Scored a couple of needed parts (headlight wiper arm and a
driver's side visor). Wife was kicking me or I woulda stayed there all


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