LM recall, plug-in amp or not???

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Thu Aug 8 15:47:18 EDT 2002

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From: Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net>

> A short time ago a lister asked me if there was a way to determine if
> the rear Bose speaker had the plug-in (or soldered) amp
> board--without removing the speaker. At first I said "no", because
> that was what I had been told by the dealer tech, this morning. Of
> course the technician gets paid for removing speakers and just
> looking (0.3 hrs paid if amp is found to be soldered, and no further
> work is done).

I think mine are soldered. Just for list info - my 200 is an early one from
July 1990 - vin ending in 4236. No phone, no CD player, but it does have the
coin holder in the dash. Also a leather shift knob instead of zebrano.
Interesting differences these cars have.

mike miller
helmville mt
91 200q Pearl/black, sport seats, bilstein sports ( HDs?) UFOs

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