LM recall, not.

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Thu Aug 8 23:54:19 EDT 2002

Mine is 1328 (to my recollection). So, early production from what I can


Phil Rose wrote:

> At 8:42 AM -0400 8/8/02, DAK wrote:
>> It seems that I also have the soldered in boards, so nothing was done.
>> Supposedly, there was an addendum to the procedure where they should
>> check to see if the boards are soldered in. My tech didn't know about
>> that and I had to wait while he was on the phone with Audi to figure out
>> what he should do. AofA assured me that the soldered in boards don't
>> suffer from the same problem as the plugin ones. Has anyone confirmed
>> that these boards are different and/or don't contain poorly spec'ed
>> capacitors?
>> David
> Today I brought my car (one of them) into the same dealer as David. I
> heard from the service manager about their encounter with David's
> soldered amp boards and so was prepared for that possibility. As it
> turned out, my glass was "half-full". In this car I had previously
> replaced one defective rear speaker with a used one bought from a
> lister. That the "replacement" speaker turned out to be the
> soldered-in variety, and hence they could only replace the amp on the
> other (original) speaker, which was plug-in variety.
> According to the recall sheet shown to me at the dealer, Audi states
> that if it is determined that a speaker is either (a) a non-Bose brand
> raplacement or (b) a Bose speaker with a soldered-in amp board, then
> NO FURTHER WORK IS REQUIRED. (no further details given)
> Naturally, that statement is open to various interpretations as David
> mentions. In the dealer's opinion, this means that the fire-hazard
> does not exist for the soldered-in amp boards, thus "no further work
> is REQUIRED." I am skeptical of this interpretation, as it might
> merely mean that Audi is unwilling or unable to supply the necessary
> fix for this situation. Hence, in actuality, it's a matter of: no
> further work CAN BE DONE. Since I still have the old (defective) unit
> that I brought along with me, I asked if they could let me have the
> "extra" replacement amp (the one that wasn't used, as they come in
> pairs). They were agreeable to let me have the unused amp--in case I
> decide to install it on the old speaker and eliminate any question
> about the safety of the old, soldered-in amp.
> Audi certainly needs to issue a clarification about this.
> Tomorrow I bring in the other car. I wonder if the soldered-in amps
> show up mainly  towards one end or the other of the (Audi) production
> run for the '91 200q. I have one of each (008180 and 026750)
> Phil

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