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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Aug 9 01:08:38 EDT 2002

Two weeks ago, I ordered a michelin man hose.  It still hasn't come.
Sit back and listen to why....

7/24- order placed for intercooler hose.  Confirmed over phone that
it would be shipped direct from warehouse.

7/29- box still hasn't shown.  Email them asking where it is/why they
didn't contact me.  Reply from Zygmunt, same day, informs me that
delivery was attempted by airborne.  To my billing address.  Not my
shipping address.

I reply same day, pointing out this is an error on their part,
everything ever shipped to me from them was to my shipping address,
etc.  Provided the correct mailing address.  It is remotely possible
the wrong address was put in by yours truly in the order, but we'll
never know because Zygmunt doesn't send anything more than a
confirmation number in an email to you when the order is processed.
I'll cut 'em some slack there since I don't know for sure.

No answer is received to the email.

7/31-box still hasn't arrived.  Plenty of time for them to have
called airborne, had the box shipped to my correct address, or a new
hose shipped out to my correct address.  I send an email asking for
some information, ie did they send anything, has the existing package
been rerouted, quoting the original email with my proper address, a
second time.  Reply:

"HELLO, AIRBORNE WANT YOU TO CONTACT THEM", followed by the tracking
information, which later, I discover, shows the box has already been
shipped back to the distributor(more on this in a bit.)

Translation: "We didn't do a thing, we sat on this for two days.  And
oh by the way, we're still not going to do anything, you fix the
mess."  Yeah, that's customer service.

A few days pass- I have more immediate problems, I'm too annoyed to
deal with the situation, and then I forget about it for a day...then
when I try to call, the system's down, so I have to call back
later...I finally remember it again and call Airborne.

"We returned that package to the shipper days ago.  When did they
tell you we still had it?"

"On the 31st, they told me to call you."

"Someone signed for it on the 30th."

So, on the 31st, Zygmunt told me that the box was still with Airborne
and I should call 'em.  Cute. If they had looked at the tracking
information, they would have seen this...it was pretty clear.
Namely, the line that said "RETURNED:" with the shipping # of the
return trip..linked to a page showing compete delivery.

I email Zygmunt on 7/6, telling them this, asking why the mistake was
made, etc.  Reply, same day:
"hello, i will ship again"

Boy, this guy sure talks a lot.

7/8- today. Box still hasn't arrived- its been two days.  Again, I
email them, asking where the box is.  The reply is a poorly formatted
cut-and-paste copy of the tracking info webpage, stating delivery was
attempted.  To the SAME wrong address.

I give up in disgust.  Called Airborne Express's reshipment
department.  I told the woman that the company I was dealing with had
its head up its ass(she got a good chuckle out of that), and I needed
to simply bypass them and have the package redirected to the correct
address myself.  She takes the info, and tells me the box will be
here tomorrow AM, no sweat.

End result?  I'm not going to ever do business with them again.  Its
a pretty easy thing to do, not using them- they're one of dozens of
companies that simply take your order and fax it to WorldPac, one of
the biggest distributors in the country.

Where is my business going to go from now on for these kinds of
parts?  To Scott Mockrey, fellow lister, who also distributes for
WorldPac.  Scott has asked me to mention that he'd prefer people
-email- him requests for quotes, then he'll follow up over the phone;
he's a one-guy operation, so this helps keep things from getting
crazy.  He's got a page that covers his parts business(some important
info there): http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/parts.htm

I don't want to be unfair here, so if anyone else would like to
mention that they do business with another lister(ie, you'd like to
-also- recommend/mention someone), feel free.  Many people know Scott
J has a repair/performance shop business, Chris Semple has used
parts, Avi does souped up alternators, and so on...but I'm sure there
are others I'm not thinking of.  If you know of someone left out
here, shout 'em out and give them a good word or two.

   To me, listers advertising on the list is one thing(a no-no)...but
listers recommending the business services of another lister is
something else entirely, and something I -personally- feel we should
engage in.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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