[V8] Re: Trip to The Audi Connection (Suffolk VA)

Michael Riebs / Audi V8 AudiV8 at 1stchoicegranite.com
Thu Aug 8 21:01:48 EDT 2002

Ahem, yes, AudiConnection "sent me a new O2 sensor" - I just didn't mention
that it was sent by special courier! Nor that the "special courier" did
diagnostic work on my engine to ensure that we were replacing the correct
part - outside - in the rain.

I also failed to mention that the same "special courier" previously had
spent a couple of hours on long-distance-via-phone engine diagnosis and
code-pulling assistance to this newbie mechanic, to find out what ailed the
mighty V8, prior to hand-delivering the new O2 sensor.

You bet I'll recommend this outfit to anyone who asks - and to a few ho
don't ask!

How lucky that the Grattan event happened to be nearby  ;-)

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q (from www.audiconnection.com)
'98 A6QA


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> > Well, I bought my 1990 V8 (vin# 000115) from Bruce sight-unseen, based
> >  his sincerity over the phone, and thorough description. It had 163K on
> >  and so far, not only do I have no complaints, but he has gone WAY over
> >  above what you would expect from far bigger dealers!
> >
> >  BTW, I'm in Michigan! Picked up the car in November, drove it the 900+
> miles
> >  back without a hitch. The car had just had major work done to it
> >  O2, etc. etc.), and when the brand new O2 went on the fritz, he sent me
> >  new one gratis.
>  We sent you one? As I remember it I actually drove up there and placed it
> your hand! I seem to remember doing a bit of plug reading while I was at
> too. Ok, so I was able to add the Grattan event to my schedule, but I
> drove up just for your car. <joke> Hope your beast is doing well!
> KT
> >
> >  And I'm taking it back there for service sometime this fall!
> >   Sure, I know I *could* find someone here in MI that would work on it,
> I
> >  like Bruce and Keith, and they really care about the cars! - 'sides,
> >  another excuse to take my Baby on the road! My wife and I were thinking
> >  making it a little family vacation - y'know, D.C. and stuff...
> >
> >  Michael L. Riebs
> >  Grand Rapids, Michigan
> >
> >  '90 V8Q
> >  '98 A6QA

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