More A/C ?s and PS pump info

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Aug 9 09:32:45 EDT 2002

At 11:21 PM 08/08/2002 -0600, Craig Angus wrote:

>Got my car back from having its 3rd PS pump in 35k installed (Warranty? Hah!).
>This is the third pump installed by this tech in the past month on 200s
>from 3 different vendors--all of which failed in less than 30k!  Only one
>vendor backed up the pump.  ZF apparently will NEVER send you a warranty
>replacement rack or pump unless you're a member of their immediate family.
>Quite frustrating as mine only had 8k miles in less than 8 months.  Anyway,
>I noticed a "click" when initially pressing the brake pedal which makes me
>nervous that the bomb and/or brake servo are bad or going too--perhaps a
>contributor to the premature failure(s)??
>The other nagging problem is--ever since I had the recirculating flap
>spring and holding clip replaced--the A/C doesn't blow cold air out of the
>vents for
>varying periods of time and seems to prefer low throttle (high vacuum?)
>conditions.  Air is cold and seems to work fine otherwise. The heater works
>fine too and sometimes it improves functioning to "toggle" between the heat
>and A/C via the temp control.  Any ideas or BTDTs on these two conditions?
>Any help most appreciated,
>as usual...
Do you get the red brake warning light that usually appears when the bomb
dies?  Do you hear the click if you hit the brake pedal with the engine off?

I doubt there's any relationship between the recirculation flap repair and
the A/C performance symptoms you describe except that the flap working
might make a previous problem more noticeable.  There IS supposed to be an
A/C cutoff under WOT, I believe, but it shouldn't occur under less
aggressive acceleration.  I'd guess there's some sort of sensor or head
problem if you actually get better performance through the
toggling.   There's a thorough and confusing series of tests to perform
described in the Bentley to check out the various sensors in the HVAC

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