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I'm surprised with you unfortunate ordeal. I use Bimmerparts.com very often,
and they have been first class with me.

They messed up 2 shipments so far, and they corrected in a very professional
maner, even using next day for a part missing in the original shipment, and
the only thing they had was my word.

I don't have any connection with them, but normally they have the better
prices compare to others "middle-men" for Worldpac.

I didn't know that Scott has a Worldpac distribuition. I'll check his prices
next time I need parts, which seems to be every other week.



ps. I always order through the internet, if I'm not mistaken it goes directly
to Worldpac, and you have a place to physically write a different shipping
address. So the automation probably leaves only the warehouse man as the only
possible break point. Just a suggestion.
>From: Brett Dikeman
>To: quattro at audifans.com, s-car-list at audifans.com,200q20v at audifans.com
>Subject: Zygmunt motors/bimmerparts.com: AVOID
>Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 00:08:38 -0400
>Two weeks ago, I ordered a michelin man hose. It still hasn't come.
>Sit back and listen to why....
>7/24- order placed for intercooler hose. Confirmed over phone that
>it would be shipped direct from warehouse.
>7/29- box still hasn't shown. Email them asking where it is/why
>didn't contact me. Reply from Zygmunt, same day, informs me that
>delivery was attempted by airborne. To my billing address. Not my
>shipping address.
>I reply same day, pointing out this is an error on their part,
>everything ever shipped to me from them was to my shipping address,
>etc. Provided the correct mailing address. It is remotely possible
>the wrong address was put in by yours truly in the order, but we'll
>never know because Zygmunt doesn't send anything more than a
>confirmation number in an email to you when the order is processed.
>I'll cut 'em some slack there since I don't know for sure.
>No answer is received to the email.
>7/31-box still hasn't arrived. Plenty of time for them to have
>called airborne, had the box shipped to my correct address, or a new
>hose shipped out to my correct address. I send an email asking for
>some information, ie did they send anything, has the existing
>been rerouted, quoting the original email with my proper address, a
>second time. Reply:
>"HELLO, AIRBORNE WANT YOU TO CONTACT THEM", followed by the tracking
>information, which later, I discover, shows the box has already been
>shipped back to the distributor(more on this in a bit.)
>Translation: "We didn't do a thing, we sat on this for two days.
>oh by the way, we're still not going to do anything, you fix the
>mess." Yeah, that's customer service.
>A few days pass- I have more immediate problems, I'm too annoyed to
>deal with the situation, and then I forget about it for a day...then
>when I try to call, the system's down, so I have to call back
>later...I finally remember it again and call Airborne.
>"We returned that package to the shipper days ago. When did they
>tell you we still had it?"
>"On the 31st, they told me to call you."
>"Someone signed for it on the 30th."
>So, on the 31st, Zygmunt told me that the box was still with
>and I should call 'em. Cute. If they had looked at the tracking
>information, they would have seen this...it was pretty clear.
>Namely, the line that said "RETURNED:" with the shipping # of the
>return trip..linked to a page showing compete delivery.
>I email Zygmunt on 7/6, telling them this, asking why the mistake
>made, etc. Reply, same day:
>"hello, i will ship again"
>Boy, this guy sure talks a lot.
>7/8- today. Box still hasn't arrived- its been two days. Again, I
>email them, asking where the box is. The reply is a poorly
>cut-and-paste copy of the tracking info webpage, stating delivery
>attempted. To the SAME wrong address.
>I give up in disgust. Called Airborne Express's reshipment
>department. I told the woman that the company I was dealing with
>its head up its ass(she got a good chuckle out of that), and I
>to simply bypass them and have the package redirected to the correct
>address myself. She takes the info, and tells me the box will be
>here tomorrow AM, no sweat.
>End result? I'm not going to ever do business with them again. Its
>a pretty easy thing to do, not using them- they're one of dozens of
>companies that simply take your order and fax it to WorldPac, one of
>the biggest distributors in the country.
>Where is my business going to go from now on for these kinds of
>parts? To Scott Mockrey, fellow lister, who also distributes for
>WorldPac. Scott has asked me to mention that he'd prefer people
>-email- him requests for quotes, then he'll follow up over the
>he's a one-guy operation, so this helps keep things from getting
>crazy. He's got a page that covers his parts business(some
>info there): http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/parts.htm
>I don't want to be unfair here, so if anyone else would like to
>mention that they do business with another lister(ie, you'd like to
>-also- recommend/mention someone), feel free. Many people know
>J has a repair/performance shop business, Chris Semple has used
>parts, Avi does souped up alternators, and so on...but I'm sure
>are others I'm not thinking of. If you know of someone left out
>here, shout 'em out and give them a good word or two.
> To me, listers advertising on the list is one thing(a
>listers recommending the business services of another lister is
>something else entirely, and something I -personally- feel we should
>engage in.
>"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
>safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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