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Audi Sport themercedesbenz at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 10 20:46:11 EDT 2002

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I wonder if any of you had this happen before.

My differential lock, ABS switch and back up lights quit working, all at the
same time.  I know that fuse #12 protects these items (and others) but the
fuse is good. I know because I checked it with a test light and tried
replacing it too but no results. The cruise control is also protected by fuse
#12 but it has never worked so I don't think it would be related (or would
it?). This happened to me only once before a while ago but it went away after
a few minutes. However this morning when I started the car up I got the same
symptoms again. Antilock light is on in the dash, differential and ABS defeat
locks are inoperable (won't even light up) and the back up lights don't work
either. Does anybody have even the faintest idea of what could be wrong?
Bundle of wires to look for? Some relay? ............I would really like to
get this fixed. I'm not real comfortable driving around with no ABS.

Help, please

Dan B.

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