Ignition key cylinder tumbler swap

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Aug 12 14:58:43 EDT 2002

At 11:16 AM 08/12/2002 -0600, Charles Baer wrote:

> > Charlie:
> >
> > Bentley goes into detail - you need to remove the cylinder housing from
> the steering column,
> > measure and drill a hole ( dimensions in Bentley) to access and depress
> a retaining spring
> > that will release the lock cylinder
>Nope, did that three weeks ago after the cah wahsh broke it when I was
>preparing to
>leave town.  I seem to recall muttering oaths about the Bentley guy who
>wrote "push
>down the column and remove".  The drawings also depict a different
>steering column
>assembly than is in my sedan.
>I have sitting here two cylinders, not the steering lock housing.  One
>has a broken
>tab that no longer can rotate the switch, one is new and intact but of
>course has new
>keys that don't fit the car.  Stammler service said "oh it's quick and
>easy" when I
>queried about rekeying it, but it wasn't obvious what to do when I
>looked at them this
>The archives had mention prices ranging from $40 at a local dealer to
>$300 at a shop
>who presumably had never done the job.  If it really is easy and I'm
>just missing the
>(in)obvious then I need to be told the magic trick, otherwise I will be
>looking for a
>Boulder area shop or the stealer to change the tumblers.

Try a real locksmith (not the guy at WalMart who makes keys).

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