Stone Gray '91 200q at Waterfest

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Mon Aug 12 21:02:02 EDT 2002

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I don't see anything wrong with having a cone air intake. It might not have
great benefits running it without a heat shield but it won't have any negative
effects either. Plus the sound is too cool to keep it locked up inside a box.
I still think the car will breath a lot easier with or without the heat
shield. I have one on mine and I got a heat shield between it and the turbo
and I love it.

just spreading my opinion

Dan B.
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At 11:03 AM -0400 7/30/02, TM wrote:
>Anyone here bring a Stone Gray '91 200q to Waterfest, from New
>Looks like A8 17s, 100 euros and PIAA 959 fogs in the front end.
This car was at the NE aftermarket event 2 days ago- the owner
actually spotted me on my way up 93 to the drag strip Friday
night(best time for me: 14.914), and introduced himself. Got a look
under the hood- he's got a tap-modified adjustable wastegate,
TAP chip, TAP "intake"(cone filter, again, ), A8 wheels, 100
headlamps(they're not euros to my knowledge although I forgot to
ask/look closely)...and a brand spankin' new intercooler. Apparently
the PO was either head of a parts department at one of the dealers or
had a parts business, he didn't know which, and the car came with a
bunch of new parts, including a brand new intercooler. Sure enough,
the IC was in great shape.
He said he suspected he had some boost leaks and I showed off my
Rubbermaid container boost pressure tester :-)
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin
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