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Tue Aug 13 00:40:26 EDT 2002

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I also have an IA III+ and Ned said it could be possible that my "Check Eng=
ine" will come on - only thing is the PO or the mechanic who sold me the ca=
r removed it. When I pull the dash and re-install the bulb I will know so s=
ure (toggle switch maybe to disable the light if its a problem). Other than=
 that possible problem, I am enjoying Stage III+


Mike V
Columbia, TN

1991 200 20V  pearl/platinum  211k miles

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Hi list
I recently wrote to the list that my check engine light was coming on,and I=
 beleive it was Phil who told me to check the codes as to why that light is=
 coming on.Well I pulled my codes and it came up 4444 wich means there are =
no codes wich leads me to ask Why is the check engine light on? The only th=
ing thats done to the engine is  the IA III+ ,could this be the reason why?

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