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At 05:02 PM 8/12/2002 , Audi Sport wrote:
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>I don't see anything wrong with having a cone air intake. It might not have
>great benefits running it without a heat shield but it won't have any negative
>effects either. Plus the sound is too cool to keep it locked up inside a box.
>I still think the car will breath a lot easier with or without the heat
>shield. I have one on mine and I got a heat shield between it and the turbo
>and I love it.
>just spreading my opinion
>Dan B.

somewhere in the s-car list archives (and possibly also on the 200q20v),
from a ways back when, and from a notable authority in boosted 20v engines,
you'll find reference to a cone filter not smoothing the flow of air
properly for the MAF sensor.  the stock airbox serves more than one
purpose--n a nutshell, at high airflows, the cone filter allowed disruptive
pulses to affect the output of the MAF sensor--enough so that the car
didn't run right.  If it's the sound you want, pull the front panel and
snorkel off the stock airbox--you'll get your sound--BTDT.

re: heat shield--if you're boosted, the turbo is giving off enough
heat--don't make your engine work harder.

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