Mystery coolant leak

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Tue Aug 13 05:14:45 EDT 2002

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Do you have any coolant on your driver's side engine mont by any chance? If
so, you might wana check the secondary water pump.

P.S. Are you located in Europe? If you are in the United States, I'd like to
find out how you are going to get a hold of the Nissens radiator.

Let me know

Dan B.
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I took a short drive yesterday and my low coolant light came on. I
pulled into the garage and noticed a big puddle of coolant on the floor.
I opened the hood and sure enough the expansion tank was almost empty.
I then re-filled it and started the engine up to find the leak. No leak
appeared anywhere. I then test drove it and went over 60 MPH with the
air conditioner on lo cool and high fan. The temp outside was 96.
Still no leak.
I have checked every hose and nothing.
A month ago I did the neck repair on my half plastic original radiator.
I checked the repair and it was holding fine.
Could the plastic on another part of the radiator have a hairline crack
that only leaks sometimes?
I have been waiting to replace the radiator becuase I want to get the
Nissens #60437 all metal one.
I am very puzzled by this and am not sure where to look. Now that I
want it to leak it wont leak!
Now I am afraid to drive a long distance especially without carrying
gallons of coolant with me.
Also should I try one of the radiator stop leaks products.
I have 102,000 miles.
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