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Suggestions about the Hawks are the most popular (in my hearing from "track

If this is your first event, you shouldn't go thru your new pads as the
exercises aren't too harsh on your car.  Your instructor will keep everything
slow(er) and smooth in the green or yellow run groups (assuming NEQ at the
Glen this month).
Braking emphasis is on smooth application and modulation: not threshold
braking (go to class they'll tell you) so depending on how hard you "lean" on
them they should last quite a while in the beginning.
Make sure that the brakes are working well by additionally taking out the
guide pins that the calipers and pads float on and make sure the are well
greased so they work properly.  The piston should also move smoothly when
retracting it for making clearance to put in the new pads.  Most caliper
pistons screw in so there is a tool needed for it.  Paul Royal (usually there
too) had a link to the brake tool part on line:
Check the archives.  Other options are available.
Flush brake fluid with DOT 4
Have a FIRM pedal.  Slowly bed them in over the WEEK prior to the event.
Hope this helps.  This is meant as general info on prepping the car for the
I use stock pads but don't beat on the brakes.  I can detect some brake fade
on occassion.
This is not a BTDT about proper bedding in of Hawk Track pads. Or DIY brake
I'll keep an eye out for ya.
-Scott Downs WG Aug 26-27

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> If it's your first event, I doubt you'll kill the pads unless you're very
> fast

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