Nissan radiator status?

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>What's the status on the Nissan radiators?  Is a group buy setting up?
>I suddenly need one and found a stock one locally for $250 and I can
>get the plastic Modines for $200 with a lifetime replacement warranty.
>Any BTDTs on the Modines.  I've had great luck with them in my Jeep
>and old 5000 tq...
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Craig, et al...

I have not pursued this further than the email that I received from Nissans stating that the part in question is not currently carried by their US distributors...

The more individual emails that we send to Nissen's, the more that they will understand that there is indeed demand for the part in the USA and Canada...

Support the cause by sending an email to:

Dennis S Jørgensen/Nissens at Nissens
subject: Nissens #60437 Radiator not available in the USA

looking to replace TWO radiators with plastic end tanks...

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