A time to choose: to UFO or not to UFO

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 20:01:15 EDT 2002

As the only other person with the BIRA UFO bolt-on
conversion, let me offer you another perspective.

Since the techs were NOT familiar with UFO rotors, you
should FIRST have another look at your rotors.

UFOs taper in thickness from the center to the outer
edge and a tech who is not familiar with the rotors
will take one look at the thickness of the rotor at
the outer edge and say they are worn.  You should look
at the center of the rotor to judge how much rotor you
have left.  Inspect the pads on both sides of the car.
 The pads on my front passenger side wore down to the
backing plates but the pads on the front driver side
still looked pretty good.

UFO rotors can be changed in minutes since you don't
need to remove a caliper to get it off.

You could be looking at a simple pad change for about

Cost for all the parts for my BIRA conversion came in
just under $1500 and this price includes shipping for
all the parts, machining and cryo treating the rotors.
Brake pedal feels great.

My car used to have a bit of free pedal travel before
the brakes started to grab and I've always felt the
brake pedal was sort-of hard to press.  Now they feel
wonderful.  Mercedes rotors cost about $55 each
compared with the latest Blaufernugen mailing price of
$300+ each for UFO rotors.


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