A/C flooding me out...update

John and Barbara Mallick mallick at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 15 00:24:07 EDT 2002

Since I last posted about my a/c evaporator drain problems I've tried a
number of things, thanks to some suggestions from lister Kneale Brownson...

I pulled the firewall cover and cleaned out a huge mouse nest that was
"filtering" my intake air; I also cleaned out the big drain which handles
the rainwater falling into that region.  I then took some string trimmer
line (0.080") and used it to roto-root (tm) the a/c evaporator drain lines.
Lots of water came out and dripped down my arm and I thought the problem was

Things were OK for about 4 days and the sloshing water problem returned.  I
could see water dripping from below the car when it was stopped, but
evidently it wasn't enough to keep the evaporator clear.  This evening I
roto-rooted again with the string trimmer line and I got a whole bunch more
water out.  Clearly something is making the lines clog again.

Using a suggestion from Kneale, I left the string trimmer line in the drain,
since it seems to open "something" up when it is present, and I'll run it
that way for a while and see if it keeps the evaporator clear.  Other
net.suggestions would be welcome.  The a/c works a lot better when the water
is gone....less of a "cool" sink I guess.

On another note...my car passed the 150K mile mark today.  I've toyed with
the idea of selling it and getting something newer, but it's just running so
well I can't bear to part with it.  I guess I'll think about it again in
another 50K.  Hell...I'm even running with the same battery that came with
it when I bought it in 1995.  The 200q20v is just one amazing car.

John Mallick
'91 200q20v  150K and counting...

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