A time to choose: to UFO or not to UFO

David Schaible dschaible at hvi.net
Thu Aug 15 11:16:48 EDT 2002

that's not too bad....if you are at all handy you could save a few hundred
by doing it yourself.
I just spent $650 on pads & new ufo's from adirondack auto parts
(www.germanautoparts.com). It takes about an hour to change the rotors &
you need a T25 torx driver for the rotor retaining screw

At 04:54 PM 8/14/02 -0400, Zoot531 at aol.com wrote:
>   I know that this topic has been rehashed once and again on this forum, but
>i can't seem to get the results I'm seeking by searching the Archives.   My
>UFOs had been making some crazy sounds for the past week, so i brought them
>into the local Big O where they were able to tell me that the rotors were
>much too thin to be driving on (after they figured out what they were looking
>at :^)  After calling Sac. Audi, they quoted me around $1,000 for new UFOs,
>pads, fluid, a 2 year gaurantee, and all labor.   I'm thinking this may be
>the best option.  My questions are...is this a reasonable price?  And what
>other options are available to me since apparently the current UFO's are
>unsafe?  I've heard of G60's being under performing on our cars, and that
>there is a system (BIRA?) that uses Porsche-Mercedes components that sounds
>great, but what can i expect to pay (System1 or 2)?  Any other ideas or
>comments would be very much appreciated.
>Thanks for your patience in all of my queries,
>Adam Chinchiolo
>'91 200q20vt . . . Toasted UFO's
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