odd coolant safety procedures

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Aug 15 21:06:16 EDT 2002

So the Pentosin coolant arrives(Dan, a week ago: "Why does it have to
be Pentosin?"  Me:"Blue is sexier"), and the first thing I notice is
a black+yellow X, and the one word below it:


Now I'm kind of bored and procrastinating this coolant change, so
before I reach for the allergy medicine, I go to babelfish, which
helpfully spits the word out as untranslatable.

  Next on this roadshow is google, where I get, as one of the hits:


(if that bad boy doesn't load, just search for the one word with
google.  Can't miss it.)

Uh...okay.  No pictures, so I run -that- page through babelfish.  The
results, I found, were most promising, due to the complete and utter
lack of umlats(Zymol must be using up the country's quota):

"So futtern it your Wellensittich

Like humans also Sittiche alternation on their food plan mogen. Here
the Grundbedurfnisse of your Wellensittichs is described with food
intake, and you receive information of uber bitebite bites such as
Mohren and apple."

Oh, it gets MUCH better.  Skip down a page and see if anything under
"Korner" gets your attention(since this a family list, I won't post
the contents, which are most CERTAINLY not PG rated.)

Now that's what I call German comedy.

Oh, a friend who speaks a little bit of German has informed me that
the word means "harmful to your health", or somesuch.  Whoa, there's
a surprise.  Good thing, I was about to have a cup.

Who ever said trying to answer your own question isn't fun? :-)

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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