Tom's auto responder message

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Fri Aug 16 21:15:03 EDT 2002

At 13:16 16/08/2002 -0400, DasWolfen at wrote:
>   Curious how with the exception of Ingo everyone who has to make a
>comment/complain/or just be a general wisea** hasnt bothered to REMOVE TOM'S
>ADDRESS BEFORE POSTING A COMMENT ABOUT IT. So instead of one auto-response a
>day we get 30.
>  IMO until some people actually learn to use their own computers they have no
>right to make any comment.

Hmmm, I posted a reply to Tom and the list and in order to see if I'd get
an answer and didn't get any, because I don't know if you noticed this, but
Tom's email software only replies to 200q20v digests... The proof is that
my reply to his message had this subject line "Re: 200q20v digest, Vol 1
#1097 - 17 msgs" and no such message ever came back from him... so I dunno
WTF is going on but apparently his software doesn't reply to direct emails
to him....


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