honk, honk, honk,....

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Aug 22 13:30:33 EDT 2002

[Somewhere in western NY, earlier today]

Huh? Hey, it's 4 AM, and not the season for migrating geese! Slowly,
my brain emerged from deep sleep and struggled to assign meaning to
the faint, insistant honking--somewhere outside our bedroom window in
the cool early morning darkness.

Then I heard a car accelerating away. I stumbled to the window and
saw the flashing headlights of our Lago '91 200q. When I reached the
driveway, I remembered (far too late) that on the previous day I had
partially opened the windows and sunroof in order to help dry out the
front carpets, which had become soaked by A/C condensate from the
dreaded evaporator-box overflow. The car doors had been locked, but I
had forgotten to close the windows before turning in. The car was
parked close to the garage and was under a very bright security
light--probably enough light to enable the miscreants to spot the
open windows while cruising the neighborhood. The driver's door was
now slightly ajar...but the perps had been scared off before anything
was taken.

Tornado red was also parked in the driveway--doors and windows shut
tight and locked. She slept through the whole thing.


P.S. I believe the car battery is in very good condition, but Lago's
security system "honker" has a very muted, strained sound. In
wintertime, with snow on the ground and closed house windows, I doubt
I'd have been awakened by the sound. It's much fainter than in my
other car, and I wonder _why_. Any suggestions?

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY USA
'91 200q	(135 Kmiles, Lago blue)
'91 200q   (58 Kmiles, Tornado red)
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