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Mon Feb 4 13:36:22 EST 2002

If it ain't broke don't fix it!

At 198,000 miles and climbing....

--- Peer Oliver Schmidt <pos at theinternet.de> wrote:
> Bernie Benz writes:
> > I will agree only that belt changing apparently
> makes you feel good, so
> > therefore it must be good for you.
> > ...
> > I had an '87 5KTQ that went 250K before my son
> recently did a head gasket
> > job and changed the belt for no good reason.
> >
> > Don't fix it if it ain't about to break!
> >
> > Bernie, feeling contrarian today.
> Bernie,
> my garage seemed to think the same way. 6000US$
> later I had a new cylinder
> head and a new timing belt.
> Don't take a chance if it might get expensive!
> pos
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