[200q20v] Re: Help needed with a 1992 S4 Avant

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Thu Feb 7 15:39:49 EST 2002

> One of my friend's cars is showing signs of limp home mode or no
> suspect the WG FV or the diaphragm to be torn...
> We'll try to pull the codes this evening but the problem is that the
> engine" doesn't seem to light (the oil pressure warning light
doesn't light
> either and the Autocheck seems to have been somewhat disabled but
it's not
> the fuse)...how are we supposed to pull the codes if the check
engine light
> doesn't work? Does the LED procedure for a 200q20v work (SJM doesn't
> mention anything like this on his web site)

The UrS4 uses two plugs inside the fusebox.  The procedure is the

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