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At 06:35 PM 02/09/2002 -0800, Dave Haupt wrote:

>So I got the alternator in and working.  And the
>driver's side power window mechanism.  I decided to
>tackle a "goofy" problem.  The right rear door was
>missing the lock knob, and it never locked anyway.
>Off comes the door panel, and what to my wondering
>eyes did appear, but -- nothing.  Where are the parts?
>  There's no rod for a door lock knob to attach to if I
>had such a knob!  What the...?
>So, being a true shade tree, er, oily driveway under a
>bird-infested sycamore, mechanic, I did what anybody
>else would do.  The Legendary Bentley, of course,
>doesn't bother identifying the parts, so I pulled the
>panel off of the left side door.  I gave the doorlock
>button a twist, just as the Bentley says to do, and it
>came off, but I heard the dreadful snap of plastic.
>So - I need parts.  I was sure hoping someone had been
>through this before and managed to keep track of part
>numbers or such.  I'd love to find part numbers for:
>* The "vertical" rod that the door lock button
>attaches to.  Right Rear.
>* The door lock button itself.  Right Rear, although
>presumably it's the same on all doors.
>* The plastic pivot thingie, and any additional
>plastic snaps or pins required to hold it in place.
>Need this for Left Rear and Right Rear.
>* The plastic lever arm that does the dirty work.
>Right rear.
>* The plastic nut that connects the two horizontal
>door rods associated with the lock.  Right rear only.
>* The Tinnerman nut that holds the screw that goes
>into the interior door latch pouch.  Right rear only.
>This might not actually have a PN.  The Tinnerman nuts
>from my local car parts stores are too wide for the
>channel in the door panel.
>I know, I could go to a dealer, but the nearest dealer
>that has succeeded in identifying parts correctly more
>than half the time is 120 miles from here.  And when I
>call them on the phone, it is extremely unlikely to
>speak to someone whose English is good enough to
>actually carry on the required conversation.
>My eternal gratitude to anybody who's actually willing
>to look these trivial bits up for me.
>Santa Rosa
>1989 200TQ Sedan, 144k, needs a bunch of little
>plastic bits and a new power steering pump.  Taking offers.
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