Hard started when warm

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Sat Feb 16 18:11:05 EST 2002

I don't use a stopwatch when I work on the car, but it was a very
straightforward job.

Lets see…
1. 3 screws to get the cover off
2. remove sending unit electrical connection
3. unbolt discharge line
4. remove clamped return hose and vent hose?
5. used a screwdriver and hammer to gently rotate the retaining ring
6. remove sending unit and pump from tank
7. unplug pump
8. I think there were 2 hex head or 2 small bolts holding the pump in its
plastic base
9. Then I just slid the new one back in the plastic base and the rest is as
Bentley would say, reverse of removal

Does this sound about right or am I forgetting something?


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