Hard started when warm

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Feb 16 19:49:49 EST 2002

At 05:26 PM 02/16/2002 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:

>I don't doubt your diagnosis, or that you solved your problem. But
>that you (or anyone) can replace the 200q20v fuel pump in 15-20
>minutes (complete job) is almost beyond belief. Am I the only lister
>who is so flabbergasted?

Took me  a  month, but that was because Carlsen in California had to order
the intermediate part the newer, smaller, sized pump goes into from a
warehouse in Texas and the different fuel pipe from another warehouse
somewhere on the West Coast and then forgot to ship the parts to me in

I suppose that, having already collected the tool to get the pump loose
from its mounting, and having already experienced the process, if I had a
nearly empty fuel tank, I could remove the cover in the trunk, take off the
retainer ring/seal on the top of the tank, get the hose clamps loose and
the high pressure connections undone, slide out the fuel level float
mechanism, align the pump extraction tool and pop the pump loose all in
half an hour.  A few minutes to change over the pump in its capsule and
hook up the wires I've already modified for the newer, smaller pump and
then another half hour to get the things all aligned and put back together
and I'd have an hour and a quarter into it.

But I'm a bumbler and none to agile, so crawling into the trunk and trying
to visualize things through that small hole with my trifocal glasses make
checking and rechecking the alignments difficult.  I'd expect to spend the
better part of an afternoon with time out to clear my head of gasoline
fumes, etc.

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