Starter is fried

Gronberg fussball_200 at
Mon Feb 25 18:19:38 EST 2002

Hey all,
   Got my 200 back today (it was having a dent removed at the body shop), and I
tried to start it, and got nothing, battery was fully charged, I never had problems
starting before (except when the ECU went last year...) Anyway, I push started the
car, and it ran fine. I dropped by the local Audi Mechanic (Holland Imports... if
you have an Audi in West Michigan, this is one of the best shops to go to) The mech.
looked at it, said the wire to the solenoid was fried, which means the starter is
done. So, I guess I need a new starter.... does anyone have a used one laying
around? Otherwise, where can I find the best price? I checked Blau and they said
$160 + core...

          Thanks everyone,
               John Gronberg

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