Stonegard update?

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Mon Feb 25 20:29:39 EST 2002

Ok, guess this is my answer, and apologies for a late reply/update.
Chewy, thanks for the reminder.  My post started the dialog awhile back.

Stongard finally came to understand customer service, and its implications.
Actually, Tim in the shop for the change of attitude to work, an attaboy for
him.  Stongard is not a big, or even medium sized operation,maybe 10 people
in the office/shop.
After they had received the new pattern/dimensioned headlight covers, I went
to their shop, and Tim installed the covers in about 15 minutes, almost
anticlimactic actually.
No cost to me to replace the covers, except I did buy a new headlight lens
from Denon in Canada (BC is close to me in Seattle).
The fit is fine, just what I had expected in the first place, with covering
the "1/2 inch" area to the edge of the lens.  I believe Greg Bird has a
similar experience.  Greg, comment(?).

So, I can recommend their headlight covers as being reasonable (cost and
convenience), and will do the job, assuming of course any rock isn't too
big.  Okay to order from them, as far I can say.

For what it is worth, if you drill down far enough, you can find Stongard's
material on 3M's website.  Forget where I found it exactly, but have
confirmed to my satisfaction it is 80mil thick.  Is available through
autobody wholesale suppliers in bulk form, may have to wait for a special
order though.  I talked to a local supply house, and the phone guy knew the
material from the 3M part number.
BTW, if my gearhead neighbor brings some of the 6mil 3M "tape" home, as he
calls it, we may try it on the hoods (A4 and 200q) leading edges.  We
suspect it is the same stuff.  He says it good to 500mph on his unlimited
air racer.  Now that is a big boys toy! Only 4360ci,  I forget hp.....  and
that's another story.
Will post a note on what we find out.

Again, my apologies for the late update, have been kinda off the net listing
stuff lately.
Gary Anderson
East of Seattle.......

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> So what's up with the Stongard update.
> Does it take them months to cut out new ones.
> Chewy
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