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Wow, Phil.  I don't know how reconcile your info with
what I know of my installer, Randy d/b/a "Visual Effects"
in Denver tells me.

He buys the stuff, both the clear bra material and
the much thicker lens guard 'in bulk'
(i.e. large sheets &/or rolls of the thinner bra film.)
He then cuts it to shape and installs.  Fit guaranteed
and he can do your side maker lights too if you like.

I found this to be 'relatively' less expensive than
what the local Porsche/Audi car dealer parts department
&/or Herrington's catalog wanted for a pre-cut StoneGuard

I know it is a 3M product that he is using, and perhaps
then unlike the "StoneGuard" peal & stick once (?), can
be removed, and at least in my case, reinstalled on a
different assembly, though I doubt that is advised or
'guaranteed.'  Maybe Taka's Goo-Gone is going to be
a necessary step in his journey to enlightenment.


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At 8:23 AM -0700 2/27/02, mlp wrote:
>Actually Taka, the 3M material is put on (i.e. the adhesive backing
>'releases' or 'activates) with an alcohol/H2O solution.
>I hate to admit this, but since Igor has already forced me to disclose the
>size of my fingers in general, and "Big thumbs" in particular, I um err
>"dropped' one of my spare euro lens assemblies mit stoneguard installed.
>The 3M stuff may be good, but it won't save a lens from a 3' fall to a
>garage floor.

The StonGard film that I applied to my euro lenses did not involve
use of any alcohol/water activator. It was just peeled from its
protective backing and applied directly, so I assume it must be a
somewhat different product than the 3M material.

BTW, speaking of StonGard "updates": I emailed the StonGard "Customer
Service" many weeks ago and described  the poorly fitting euro lens
film I received from them. I asked about any improvement they plan to
make for that product's dimensions and also  suggested the
possibility of replacing my StonGard headlight film. They have never
replied to that message nor to my follow-up email. As others have
indicated, StonGard's "customer service" appears to be stinko.


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