[200q20v] RE: Lifting Stains... and Gains

Rob Andrews randrews at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 28 12:21:05 EST 2002

What the ....??!!??  338hp at the wheels???  What else did this guy do.  The
kit only makes 295 at the crank.  To get 340hp at the wheels, the car must
have been making around 375-400hp at the crank.  There is no way the stock
PES kit (and stock engine for that fact) could be doing that.
Someone's data somewhere has to be flawed

> Rob, wrt your question, I'd suspect that you could do well with more
> effective valve area, and/or reducing the overlap of the N/A
> cams that are in
> the car.  Since I haven't the pleasure of a supercharger
> customer yet, I have
> no data point for you, other than my local dyno got 338hp at
> the wheels for a
> 30v2.8 supercharged car.

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