Boost Levels with a Chipped Car

TM t44tq at
Sun Jul 14 17:28:25 EDT 2002

What kind of boost levels are you seeing with your chipped cars?

After finally installing an analog boost gauge (VDO Vision Series)
and an air/fuel meter in the a-pillar, I'm seeing 19psi peak, with
the boost shooting up to 15psi and then gradually making its way to
19- is this normal behavior? Boost also tapers off back to about 14-15
psi as I approach redline.

Any effects of heat soak readily seen? At this past weekend's LRP
DE w/ the PCA, I was seeing boost levels of only 15psi down the front
straight late in the day, I'm thinking that was due to heat soak, as
I was on the throttle a lot and running at high rpm all day long.

I haven't yet hooked up the a/f meter, so no results on that just yet.

BTW, I have to extract the necessary parts from Igor Kessel's list
of parts- I used an Autometer boost gauge install kit as part of
my installation, but could not find an appropriate fitting to mate
the 1/8" OD nylon tubing w/ the OEM 3.5mm cloth-covered vacuum hose-
I used a brass t-fitting to feed off of the ECU line, but had to
really get ghetto by cutting a piece of cloth hose for the gauge
side of the T, insert the nylon hose into the cloth hose and then
use 3 pinch clamps to seal everything up. That's really ghetto, although
it's holding up for now.


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