it's still hesitating

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jul 30 00:52:13 EDT 2002

At 9:40 PM -0400 7/29/02, Audi Sport wrote:
>I still got hesitation going on.


OK, I think that's enough injector cleaner for now. Please describe
exactly what you mean by "hesitation".  What speed(s), gear(s),
throttle position(s), etc??? Is it something that's most evident when
at light, steady throttle (cruising), or just when you really "step
on it"?
May we assume you've checked for engine codes and found none?

>  It always goes to 1.7 but never 1.8

Is the 1.7 bar measured with a "real" accessory gauge? Or perhaps
you're using the stock (board computer) gauge, and you're not aware
about the fact that it has a reputation for inaccuracy? With the
stock (lcd) gauge, 1.7 bar is all that many people are able to see
(running a stock engine in good tune), and it's nothing to fret much
about, if at all.

>So I
>put a little washer in between the top of the waste gate and the spring and
>tested the car last night. It went up to 1.8 bar once but not again since. So
>I put a second washer and still, 1.7 only.

One thing at a time, please. You were having a hesitation problem.
I'd advise solving that one before worrying about a possible loss of
1.5 lbs of boost pressure. Might not be related at all.

>So, I don't know what all this is
>related to. Is it a fuel problem? Ignition problem? Maybe a vacum leak
>somewhere? Although I already checked the hell out of the engine for vacum

Yes could be any of those.
How old is the the fuel filter? Are the correct spark plugs (Bosch
F5PDOR) installed and in good condition? Are all the plug wires in
good condition? If the "hesitation" is  a kind of subtle engine
surging--felt mainly at steady throttle--then please do consider the
Oxy sensor, even though it's fairly new--it could be defective, have
defective wiring or poisoned by silicone, etc.

Finally, although my cars haven't suffered (yet) from
distributor-related problems, the distributor is an area source of
concern in high-mileage cars (rotor/cap condition, drive-gear
breakage, oil, etc).


Phil Rose
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